About Us


The name ThreadMental means our common thread of shared human experience.  Like the universal mind and consciousness, but brought into form and function in everyday life.  A bit esoteric, we know.  Here's the simpler explanation.

We love mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and Zen, but also live in the world, drink coffee, wine, beer, hard stuff, and sometimes eat bacon.  We have, on occasion, been known to use foul language when it suits us.  We are mystics and spiritual seekers with extremely open minds.  It's this attitude that lets our messages and products span a cool range of topics but always come back to our central theme, that of love of the human experience.

We also love sarcasm and wit.  Puns find a place in our humor, and not much is ever too serious a topic to make light of, except intolerance and hate, which we have no capacity to entertain ourselves.

With that said, feel free to browse and shop, read our blogs, follow us on social media, or just say screw it all, turn off your phone and computer, and go to the beach.  We won't mind.

Thank you from the small team at ThreadMental!

Now go live... or shop and then go live... yeah... that!


ThreadMental Designs : P.O. Box 291331 : 1825 N Vermont Ave : Los Angeles, CA 90027-9998